CDTA11036 | Learning Management System, Online Teaching, Educational Technologies
Managing online learning using LumiNUS (Webinar)
For NUS Staff
Credit Hours: 2.00
Fee: Free
No Available Class

LumiNUS is the learning management system at NUS that is designed to facilitate and supplement teaching and thereby, promote student learning. A comprehensive introduction to LumiNUS, this hands-on workshop will enable you to create and manage a module with emphasis on the commonly used tools like the Learning Flow and Files. It will also cover a brief overview of the other tools available within LumiNUS.

This workshop will also discuss on how you can use LUMINUS to implement the 7 principles of effective teaching (Chickering & Gamson, 1987; 1991) as well as how LUMINUS supports in the implementation of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles (CAST, 2011).

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:
• create and setup a module;
• plan and scaffold teaching and learning activities;
• disseminate content and digital multimedia; and 
• provide an overview of quiz and survey tools.


Kiruthika RAGUPATHI, Associate Director, CDTL
Kenneth Gerard PINTO, Lead Education Technologist, CIT


Offered by the Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL)