CDTA11040 | Early Career Academics, Assessment and Feedback
Tracking Student Learning through Mid-semester Feedback (Webinar)
For NUS Staff
Credit Hours: 2.00
Fee: Free
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Many educators see mid-semester feedback as one of the best methods that will strengthen the student-teacher relationship as well as provide valuable information on how they can improve their teaching. End-of-semester evaluations often emphasise perceived faculty “performance”, but with mid-semester evaluations simple changes can be incorporated early on, to help motivate students and enhance student learning. Students tend to like this process because it gives them a chance to voice opinions on issues that are most critical to them, and they appreciate the fact that the instructor has solicited their opinions.

This workshop will show you how to assess student progress or gather feedback from students by using online survey tools and will also explore the use of other technology tools to gather feedback.

This workshop will be offered in a fully online mode and will comprise two parts:
(1) A pre-workshop video and discussion
(2) An online webinar with hands-on session and discussion

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this session, participants should be able to:

    • identify the key benefits and challenges of using mid-semester feedback
    • reflect on strategies and methods of collecting informal feedback; and
    • design a mid-semester feedback survey



    Kiruthika RAGUPATHI, Associate Director, CDTL

    Offered by the Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL)