CDTA11058 | Active Learning
Designing learning activities to promote deeper learning
For NUS Staff
Credit Hours: 3.00
Fee: Free
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Active learning is associated with student centred learning where the students are actively engaged in the learning process, rather than passively absorbing information. Although teachers may choose from many available instructional or learning tasks, it is often not clear how they promote deep learning and more importantly, how teachers can modify existing activities to increase engagement, or to assess the level to which students are engage during learning.

The workshop “Designing Learning Activities to Promote Deeper Learning” aims to investigate and understand the design of learning activities that foster deep learning. Participants will be introduced to key concepts relating to a theoretical framework for active learning known as ICAP (Interactive – Constructive – Active – Passive), developed by Michelene Chi (2009). A framework through which we can classify teaching techniques in relation to the degree of cognitive engagement that they foster, can help us develop and evaluate our approach and instructions. This will ultimately have the potential to improve student learning. Strategies to engage students during learning will be explored in this workshop. In addition, opportunities will be provided for participants to review their teaching strategies with inputs from facilitator(s) and peers.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session, participants should be able to: 
• Identify key considerations when selecting the appropriate kind of teaching strategies to engage students in deep learning; and
• Apply the principles and strategies to design learning activities that promote active engagement during learning


Offered by the Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL)