CDTA11061 | Online Teaching, Assessment and Feedback
Using ExamSoft for digital assessment and feedback
For NUS Staff
Credit Hours: 2.00
Fee: Free
No Available Class

This 2-part session aims to enhance your understanding of using an online assessment tool (ExamSoft) to enhance students’ learning, with a specific focus on test design and effective feedback.

The first session will introduce the key features of ExamSoft in relation to the design/ redesign of different assessment tasks and questions, while guided by principles of assessment preparation and design. This session will draw attention of participants to the necessary steps in preparation for online assessment.

The second session will build on the first by analyzing and interpreting the reports derived from the assessments and consider feedback strategies for improving teaching and learning. Participants will have the opportunity to work through a customized digital assessment assignment with guidance from the session leads.

Session 1 – (a) Overview of guiding principles of assessment design; (b) Preparation and design/ redesign of online assessment task and questions

Session 2 – (a) Using multiple reports for providing feedback to inform teaching and learning



Mark GAN, Associate Director, CDTL
WU Haixin, Manager, CIT
Ong Chan Kwan, System Analyst, CIT

Intended Learning Outcomes

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Offered by the Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL)