CDTF22001 | Teaching Excellence
The Outstanding Educator Award Public Lecture
For NUS Staff
Credit Hours: 1.50
Fee: Free
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Authentic teaching - The Occam’s Razor for effective learning

Assoc Prof Ho Han Kiat | Faculty of Science

We are living in a time where technological and pedagogical enhancements continue to transform the way we do education. In the midst of this constant flux and re-adaptation, I seek to return to basics and identify age-old principles for learning that remain steadfast and important. From which, authentic teaching emerges as an anchoring value and a pedagogical compass to guide and test every innovation in education. As authenticity is about engaging students in real-world learning, it presents itself as a common denominator relevant to most teaching and learning context. Its consideration transcends the classroom, the content, the assessment and most of all, the teacher. Using a few examples, I will attempt to illustrate my own exposition of authentic teaching and the potential benefits it can bring.

We Have a Vision for Tomorrow

Assoc Prof Stephen Lim | Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

As educators and leaders, how might we insure our students truly learn? Cognitive and educational psychologists have discovered effective solutions for teaching and learning that are relatively inexpensive and applicable across many educational settings. In the ideal world, we would have created a translational educational science to be systematically adopted by universities, thereby reforming policy and practice. In this Lecture, we will envision such a future for higher education and how we can achieve it together.

Offered by the Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL)

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